Not your typical “Mommy Blogger”

What do you think of when you hear “Mommy blogger”? I think of beautiful, healthy 5-course meals. I think of an ultimate DIY-er. I think of an avid workout nut, who only eats a vegan diet. I think of a pristine house out of the latest Home & Garden magazine. Basically, I think of everything I’m not, but aspire to be. I want the picture perfect home with the healthy meals and the fabulous fit body. But that is not my reality. And I’ve come to learn that isn’t a lot of people’s reality. But for some reason, I feel like everyone has everything under control. Everyone except me.

That is the reason I have started this blog. I am hoping by my chaos, I can help others feel okay about themselves. That may be because they can see that at least they are doing better than I am. Or realize I am sinking in the same boat they are. I am hoping to defy the definition of “Mommy blogger.” I want to set a new precedent of who a mom is. I don’t want to feel pressured to have everything pristine and perfect all the time. I want to look around and see my mess and find it beautiful. Sure, it’s important to try to keep things clean and orderly, but it’s not always a reality with a baby. She likes her toys and attention. And that attention leads to other things going undone sometimes.

I don’t want to look back on my life and say, “Boy, I’m glad I had a perfect house, even if my kids went without the time and attention they needed.” It’s just not worth it to me. So I invite you to join in on my adventure to do my best to juggle life. And hopefully you can laugh, cry, cringe, and celebrate with me all along the way.